About us

§  All collections are developed entirely at our Headquarters in Nürnberg, Germany

§  All garments are produced exclusively in Europe, using mainly European fabrics

§  We keep transport routes short to protect the environment



FOX’S fashion is a small, thriving privately owned manufacturer of high-quality women’s fashion.

FOX’S instantly recognizable label delivers garments of excellent quality in sizes ranging from 34 – 46 (German sizing) and selected tall sizes.


Responsible for FOX’S unique and successful design – linear cuts, classic proportions yet extravagant detailing – is acclaimed European fashion designer SIMONE BREHM.


Finding the often-tricky balance between fashionable colors and eye-catching prints as well as perfectly cut but nevertheless comfortable threads has been a hallmark of FOX’s fashion for over 30 years.

FOX’S aim is and has always been to cater to all women that are on the lookout for their individual, original style that differentiates them from the rest!

We stand for high profile, quality materials that are soft to the touch combined with clearly defined feminine contours and an eye for fine detail – A far cry from the conventional mainstream of “fast fashion” that is so prevalent in today’s fashion world. Exactly this is what FOX’S fashion strives with success to be.


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